Tame Unstructured Data

Simplified application development using unstructured data

Stretchr removes the need for most api and backend development, allowing developers to focus on releasing awesome products.
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Unleash your Development

Just some of the powerful features built into your new datastack

Querying & Search

Advanced querying based on any attribute of your data means you'll always have access to just the right piece of info for any app

Users & Permissions

Oauth and custom auth are built right into the core. Build internal & customer facing apps without any fear of data exposure

NoSQL & Relations

Preserve complex real-world relationships between unstructured data without any additional effort. We'll keep it accessible

Unlimited App Keys

Data can be secured using both app and user keys, meaning different apps can be built for different audiences without fear of exposing sensitive data


Your data, completely future-proofed

Anyone who's worked with NoSQL before knows how easy it is to shoot yourself in the foot with schemaless data. You'll often encounter enterprise deployments riddled with data duplication, lost relations and lost querying capabilities.

Stretchr's nested data model and powerful query interface let you cut and slice your data however is required for any situation. Just send the data in its original format, we'll keep it accessible for future development.

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Built for repurposing data

Our unique permissions system lets you layer multiple levels of permissions on your data. Set which segments of data each application can access, including limitations based on which user is using that app. This fine-grained control over data exposure enables new development channels such as third party development, customer-facing apps, mobile apps and web applications. All without any additional backend development, these channels can securely connect directly to your datastack.

Just one example of where this becomes useful is in the development of customer dashboards and internal support applications.

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Information and Case Studies about Stretchr

An Introduction to Stretchr

Stretchr is an intelligent datastack that radically reshapes big data application development in a NoSQL environment

What's inside

  • The NoSQL impact on the General Purpose Database Industry
  • Stretchr Overview
  • Customer Dashboards - a use case of Stretchr
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Logging with Stretchr

The intelligent datastack impact on log strategy

What's inside

  • The importance of a log strategy
  • Log collection, querying and reporting
  • Scaling your solution
  • Increasing the value of your logs through application development
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